Stop selling like everyone else

We all have targets, and we all want to hit our numbers, but we simply can’t engage with clients for the sole purpose of closing. Don’t get me wrong, of course our goal is to win deals, but only the right deals. Deals that can deliver significant value over time for all parties – buyers and sellers. Sales is a win-win proposition, so there’s really no point in convincing when it’s all about alignment and mutual value.

This win-win approach requires integrity, authenticity, and deep respect for your customers and colleagues. If your solution is not a great fit for certain clients – walk away. If some clients are not a great fit for you – walk away. Walk away as soon as you realize that. Stop convincing clients when there’s not enough intrinsic value, and stop convincing your colleagues that your deals are solid. Winning clients that quickly cancel their contracts, divert your roadmap or exhaust your customer success and service resources, is destructive.

It all makes sense, but when we feel the pressure to perform, we tend to act irrationally. We want to convince, sell, close, no matter what. In an effort to reach our goals, we promise unrealistic deliveries, push when there’s not enough value, provide heavy discounts, and avoid asking the hard questions, hoping that it will all work out in the end. But, unfortunately, it doesn’t work out, and at best we’ll end up with mediocre results.

Transitioning and evolving to a win-win sales approach requires discipline, tools, checks and balances, and a healthy team culture. TopSales Conscious Selling Training provides the processes, tools and structure to elevate your sales skills, eliminate dysfunctional behaviors, and lead your team to long lasting sales success.

Unleash your sales potential

‘Unleashing your sales potential’ could remain a great slogan, or it could be your reality.  If you’re serious about sales success, and would like to make it your reality, take some time to ask yourself 10 key questions.  The answers to these questions will provide greater awareness of where you stand today, reveal internal and external barriers that limit your success, and show you where to focus your efforts to unleash your sales success.  If you manage a team, think about these questions in the context of the individuals on your team, as well as yourself.  Keep in mind, this is your life, your goals, your potential, so be honest.

  1. Do you believe that you can improve sales next quarter? What about next year?
  2. When you answer the above question, did you think about problems or issues that hold you back, or reasons for failure?
  3. Do you doubt yourself?
  4. Do you think others have concerns about your abilities?
  5. Do you think that other people on your team can improve their sales results? Do you believe in their success and in your company success?
  6. Can you excel and improve sales despite those doubts, issues and problems?
  7. How do you plan to overcome these challenges and accomplish your goals?
  8. Can you identify and prioritize the specific areas that you need to improve upon, in order to reach your goals? (e.g., knowledge gaps, lack of skills, wrong attitudes, toxic culture, outdated sales tools, ineffective work processes)
  9. Can you choose sales success as your reality, and work daily on the specific areas that require improvements?
  10. Can you focus on your plan without stressing about the outcome?

If you answer these questions with integrity, you should know if you are a great supporter of your cause – your success. Bear in mind, that believing in your success is a necessary first step, but without a plan and a daily focused effort, you won’t get there. If you need help identifying gaps and removing barriers to your sales potential, we’re here to set you on the right track.