The Perfect Pitch

With every client interaction, decisions and opinions are formed on 5 key sales aspects:

  • You – Does your client trust and respect you?
  • Company – Is your company the right business partner?
  • Product – Can your product / service solve the client’s pain points?
  • Time – Is it the right time for all stakeholders?
  • Wow – What’s your wow factor? Can you offer additional value?

When choosing to position ourselves consciously, every step adds value, and has a clear win-win resolution. You move forward with strong commitment to the next stage or embrace the need to walk away.

What TopSales offers:

  • Assessment of current marketing/sales materials
  • Observation day – sales team in action
  • Executive review – messaging guidelines & sales tips
  • Team workshop using real-case scenarios, positioning tools, and how to shift the mindset from passive to conscious selling