Creating an unstoppable sales machine requires innovative processes, great skills, and well crafted sales tools for every step of the sales cycle. Our services and methodologies are designed to effectively transform your sales organization to a predictable growth engine that can consciously evolve and improve over time.

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Rave Reviews

“Orly worked with our sales and executive team, and within a short time period delivered outstanding results.She provided visibility, insight, and a great foundation for growth.”

Zvi Piritz, VP Sales, Consumer Physics

“If you’re looking to boost motivation and unleash a winning sales attitude, you should start working with Orly.”

Gal Aga, VP Sales,

“Orly truly understands the skills, talents, and mindset that make a sales rep a superstar. She disrupts existing notions and wrong patterns that hold sales people from reaching their full potential.”

Nikolai Avrutov, Director of Partner Enablement – Salesforce Alliance at ClickSoftware

“Orly has a unique ability to remove sales barriers. Her customer-centric approach motivates and aligns teams. She designs simple, automated processes that lead to well- oiled sales funnels.”

Shany Dembak, Founder, Growth Marketing Agency

“Delivering significant value to customers, business partners and investors is key for any company, but it’s crucial for start-ups. Within a short timeframe, Orly repositioned our product, unveiled additional innovative applications, and crafted well-positioned messages for our new website.”

Doron Herzlich, CEO, Referral-AI



Unleash your sales potential

Stop selling like everyone else.
We all have targets, and we all want to hit our numbers, but we simply can’t engage
with clients for the sole purpose of closing. Don’t get me wrong, of course our goal is
to win deals, but only the right deals.

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Our mission is to deliver an unstoppable sales machine that can consciously evolve and improve over time. Our services are designed to holistically improve every aspect of your growth engine - skills, processes, sales tools and attitudes.

In a world where sales performance is never good enough, we focus on removing sales barriers, disrupting patterns of excuses and explanations, and eliminating outdated processes that are no longer effective.

The Conscious Selling Model, the cornerstone to our work, was developed to provide the tools and emotional intelligence for continuous performance enhancement and the creation of a winning sales culture.

With a razor-sharp focus and hands-on approach, we pinpoint areas that require immediate attention, and work with your team to transform your sales to a predictable, unstoppable sales engine.


Technology is constantly changing our selling environment. Customers are more resilient to selling attempts, bots handle sales inquiries better than the average rep, and our sales tools and processes that used to work quickly produce diminishing results. We simply can’t think incrementally and expect great results.

I founded TopSales to deliver innovative and forward thinking sales tools. Tools that will guide clients through these changes and challenges, enhance their mindsets, lead individuals and teams to top-notch sales performance, and most importantly, tools that continue to add value long after my work is completed.

I bring razor-sharp focus that comes from 20 plus years of hands-on sales experience in leadership roles for aspiring Silicone Valley and Israeli start-ups that went public or got acquired. I have keen interest in removing barriers to success and working with clients to deliver long-lasting growth.


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